It’s a similar story to the ones I’m sure you’ve read before. I picked up a camera in high school and was hooked (How unique….)! After graduating from business school, I went on to earn a second degree in photography from Villa Maria College.

But who am I really?!

A self proclaimed nerd who thrives behind the camera. I’m sarcastic, humble, and love to laugh. Most of my clients comment on how laid back I am, and I totally agree. I like to keep things relaxed and stress free, keeping communication open and honest helps me achieve this! I enjoy having a good time and want your photo experience to be just that! I treat clients like family because I care deeply for each and every one of them.

I honestly just really love my job and the awesome people I get to photograph!


I love!

My cat Bubba, Comic Books, starbucks, arcades, board game nights, tea, tattoos, star wars, hiking, art documentaries, animals, painting, Road Trips, Breakfast for Dinner, coffee shops, Harry Potter, Antiques

I believe:

  • Love is love and deserves to be documented!

  • We should always laugh together! (You might think you’re awkward, but I promise I can one up you on that!)

  • Ourselves as people, as well as, our bodies deserve to be celebrated!